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Reduce Overhead, Increase your Profits, Simplify your Life

Calhoun Dispatch has been providing the best services to Truck Owner Operators Since 2015. Fair prices, superior quality, and exceptional customer service are guaranteed when you work with us.



You're In


No forced dispatch, we work for you! We work with you to find, setup, and dispatch the best possible loads for our drivers.

Expert Rate Negotiation

We have decades of combined rate negotiation experience to ensure that you get the most for your delivered loads.

We Handle The Paperwork

We fill out and transmit all contracts and rate confirmations. We also transmit your carrier packet all on your behalf with written authority.

If you’re looking for the best dispatch service for owner-operators & independent truckers, you’ve come to the right place.

Calhoun Dispatching is a professional trucking dispatch provider, serving the continental United States.

You're the Boss

No forced dispatch, we work for you. You choose the routes and loads.

We Handle The Headaches

Our experts in rate negotiation and logistics ensure that you never have to worry about low rates again.


From LA to NY, to WA to FL, and everywhere in between - we've got you covered.

What We Offer

At Calhoun Dispatching you call the shots –  We Work for You! Just consider us your remote administrative team. You make the ultimate call on where to be dispatched, and we negotiate top paying rates for you. The only thing you have to do is drive!

Want to Learn More?

Whether you have a 'hands-on' business approach or would rather us handle everything, we can customize our dispatching services to meet your needs. 

We understand the frustration truckers face being stuck at truck-stops, searching load boards, calling brokers, waiting for emails, and paying for copies and faxes.

Call Us at (719) 306-7140 or leave us a message below!

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